The electric car is not green….it’s Dope

Branding an electric car as green and safe for the environmental kills the electric car. I mean who the hell want to buy a green car? The environment is a serious matter but not for a regular Joe fan of beast powerful motors ( i plead guilty).
Evs ( electric vehicles) should be  marketed as the new and most efficient way to move from a to b. The way of transportation we want to leave as legacy to the next generation
Having Evs in our cities will be great for the sustainability of our existence and if we really want a change we need to sell it well. This can start by educating the population on what they get When buying an Ev,  on the features the electric provide and not make them feel like they are doing a charity when buying one.
Here what’s the Evs offer you when you get one
Look clean and futuristic

No matter the brand or model you get all electric cars have this little touch of modernism and sleek design, make you feel like the designer went the extra mile and paid attention to every centimeters of the car

More power, less effort

Electric motors are more efficient than internal combustion engines in converting stored energy into driving vehicles. simply, once you  push the accelerator there’s not delay the car will respond instantly. They say it feels like an orgasm

It’s an investment into the future

“Buying a car in 2019 that can’t upgrade to full self driving is like buying a horse instead of a car in 2019” -Elon musk
Most of electric cars are built to be upgraded . When you buy an electric car you buy the software that’s control the car which can be upgraded like your cellphone or commuter. We can all scream on how we love driving, but sometimes if we had an option to not drive and just relax we would take it.

we are redefining the future, we are building an environment that will enhance our capacity to evolve as an humanity and mastering a clean way to create energy. let’s sell it well



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