The road to a sustainable mobility

Africa is the second largest continent on the planet with more than 1.2 billion persons and more to come in few years

the need for Africa to finds a better way for African mobility it’s not only a matter of environment but a lives and economic matters

Johannesburg is one of the most advanced city on the continent but the rate of people dying due to public transport is alarming, it’s crazy to see how the government is still allowing those extremely old cars, untrained And unprofessional Driver to operate on public Road.

Africa will probably take a few years in order for the continent to start the conversation about zero emission cities and autonomous vehicles but restructuring our way of moving from A to B and preparing the population for a sustainable transportation can start now.

It all start with how we build our cities

 sustainable cities (cities that our kids and grand-kids will choose to live in)

 in order to take Africa to the next level of transportation , we need to think about how we are building our cities.

what are our priorities when planning roads,district,blocks and buildings? the answer to that should be people

the key to a sustainable city is to put people in the center of our planning

which means more walking space and more connections between blocks and intersections

it no a surprise that the most expensive neighborhood in the world are the one where you can walk freely and easily.

the architecture of the city has to be based on connections between blocks. one of the best system is grid, in the grid system everyone can get from anywhere to anywhere with one connection while following reasonably direct L shaped path

the grid system promote walkability and the respect of people before the respect of cars

Then the way we move around

Safety first

An average of 14 000 persons die every year on road accident in south Africa and the number can decrease drastically if we take the matter seriously.

“ A mother shouldn’t be hoping that her child  comeback alive when he take the bus to school “

by Making sure that public transportations are being driven by trained driver and by setting a standard of buses that can operate on the public  road will not only prepare the population to a sustainable way of moving but saves a lot of life.

Connections between cities

“Anytime we can improve human mobility we contribute to our overall quality of life”

It all about studying where people want to go and when they want to,from there ,a transit system can be established.
Public transportation has to maintain the balance between efficiency and flexibility which means it got to be predictable and accessible when the commuter needs it
The only way to bring more people to use public transportation is by providing them accurate information ( when,where and how).
Sustainable transportation in Africa it’s not impossible to be achieved , we can start now by caring about the safety of our commuters, setting a standard of the means of transportation making it more reliable and accessible

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